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the tour

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Welcome to the tour


Now in its 10th year the EuroTour is the biggest stand up paddle tour of its kind. Created in 2015 with the sole aim of unifying events and making them accessible to the athletes with logistics and support.

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how we do it


From flat water, to rivers, inner-cities, ocean waves, down winders, lakes, beaches, islands and seas, there's an event for everyone. Backdropped agains some of the most iconic scenery in Europe and beyond.


One of the biggest challenges facing athletes is still getting their equipment to the events. For this reason the Eurotour runs inter-event transportation for rider's equipment allowing for maximum attendance and maximum fun. 


With our platforms we offer a unified ranking system allowing athletes and events alike to be a part of the Eurotour. Increasing participation and ensuring the best events attract the best riders.

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